Complete with his heart on his forehead, CITIZEN BOB PARIS© symbolises the quintessence of life: Love. Born to love or dying of love, everybody will see a reflection of their own existence in this mirror.

CITIZEN BOB PARIS© was born on a winter morning in the mind of its creator, CharlieSayous. « The original idea was to create a work of art with a high emotional charge, conveying the state of love where the concept of time ceases to exist” he explains, “which is why I wanted to combine a human skull evoking timelessness with a heart, the « official logo » of love ».

Following the initial sketches, the meeting with Natalie Croiset, the sculptor, was decisive. It Voici les personnes qui aiment l'excitation des jeux de casino peuvent se jouer a chaque fois qu'ils aiment directement a partir de leur propre maison. was her who gave BOB this friendly Ceux-ci sont generalement plus rapides que par rapport aux casino s bases net alors que vous n'avez pas besoin de s'appuyer sur le web pour charger l'audio et graphiques. look, his smile and his eyes filled with wonder. « BOB was a point online casinos of convergence in my creation,” she says, “having always drawn inspiration from Magnum Sized! The largest Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash in the saliva detox Industry. mythology and surrealism: from the very start, the challenge of combining Eros and Thanatos Voici une liste des differentes mises que vous pouvez placer lorsque vous jouerez au jeu de roulette en ligne : mise simple, mise double (a cheval), mise triple (transversale), mise en coin, mise sur six lignes, mise « panier », mise sur la ligne superieure, mise sur 1 a 18, mise sur 19 a 36, mise sur le noir ou le rouge, mise sur pair ou impair, mise sur une douzaine, mise sur une colonne et mise en zigzag. excited me. »

« BOB appealed immediately; people even told us that he was handsome! » remembers Virginie Choné, chair of CitiZenBio France – Luxury Soap & Candles – who even admitsthat she had a few doubts at the start of the project, as she was worried aboutslipping into the trashy side of vanitas.

The first sculptures of CITIZEN BOB PARIS© were cast in perfumed soap (guaranteed paraben-, E.D.T.A.- and phthalate-free), a noble and ephemeral material that evokes the finite nature of life. This means that BOB can equally well decorate your desk, perfume your bedroom or simply turn back into a block of soap in your bathroom…

His name, BOB, was a real no-brainer: it’s short and universal, it has a certain swing, and, above all, it »s the code name of Bora Bora airport… The ultimate honeymoon destination…